Nawab & Co. accountants provide the following services. If there are any other accounting service, that you require, which is not listed here, please contact us.


  • Management Accountopen

    Produced monthly or quarterly, provides business owners, managers, and other key decision makers with the information they need to monitor, guide and improve their business operations. Management Accounts are an excellent way to prepare for the sale of a business, particularly during a due diligence exercise.

  • VATopen

    Legislation governing this area is extremely complex and ever-changing – but the failure to comply risks penalties being imposed. We can prepare all VAT returns accurately and ensure that VAT has been accounted for.


    We have an excellent history of recovering monies from HM Revenue & Customs on behalf of many clients including charities and not for profit organisations and businesses.

  • Taxationopen

    Nawab & Co. provides the full spectrum of tax advice to both corporate and private clients. We possess the expertise and in-house systems to ensure that you and your business are compliant with all current legislation.


    Corporate tax advice

    Our tax team can advise your business on statutory requirements and the most efficient ways of fulfilling these obligations, as well as preparing your corporate tax returns.

    We advise many companies on the most legal tax-efficient ways to structure their affairs and ensure that all available reliefs are utilised. In many sectors and areas of business, tax legislation has tended to be an area of regular change and in such cases our specialist team regularly helps clients stay abreast of the latest opportunities, as well as any potential pitfalls.


    Personal tax advice

    We help our clients identify tax planning opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls. We can recommend legal ways to reduce your liability to income, capital gains and inheritance tax and help you establish appropriate structures to safeguard and maintain your wealth, if appropriate following through to the process of planning for your retirement.

  • PAYEopen

    We are trained to advise our clients in all aspects of payroll preparation and compliance.


    Not only can we offer a complete payroll service if you would like to outsource this time consuming process, but we also offer advice on recruiting and retaining staff and provide human resources consultancy services.


    If you would like to discuss PAYE and any other employment related issues or if you do require full payroll service then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


    Payroll Accounting Services

    Many years ago the government of the day realised that the most cost effective way to collect taxes from employees was to legislate and make employers do the job for them thus Pay As You Earn (PAYE) was born!

  • Sole Trader / Partnershipsopen

    Sole traders

    A sole trader describes any business that is owned and controlled by one person, although they may employ workers, eg a newsagent’s shop. Individuals who provide a specialist service like hairdressers, plumbers or photographers, are also sole traders. Sole traders do not have a separate legal existence from their owner. As a result, the owners are personally liable for the firm’s debts, and may have to pay them out of their own pocket. This is called unlimited liability.



    Partnerships are businesses owned by two or more people. A contract called a deed of partnership is normally drawn up. This states the type of partnership it is, how much capital each party has contributed, and how profits and losses will be shared. Doctors, dentists and solicitors are typical examples of professionals who may go into partnership together. They can benefit from shared expertise, but like the sole trader, have unlimited liability. A partnership can also have a sleeping partner who invests in the business but does not have dealings in the day to day running of the enterprise.


    Accounts and accounting periods for sole traders and partners

    If you are a sole trader or partner, you can choose not to prepare formal accounts, but you still need to keep records of income and expenditure over a set accounting period. You must include this information on your self-assessment tax return, so that HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) can work out your tax, which we do after April of each year.

  • Bookkeepingopen

    It is widely understood that proper bookkeeping is necessary for the day-to-day running of any company. Unfortunately, many start-up businesses neglect this rather vital administrative task and often pay the price later on – mostly during tax-season. Accurate bookkeeping services are the cornerstone of any accounting process, ignoring it will lead to dire consequences in the form of fines and increased oversight from the taxation authorities. Diligent bookkeeping from qualified bookkeepers will yield clear and organised financial data that can be to paint a clear financial picture of a company. This in turn empowers managers to make strategic long-term business decisions with a high degree of confidence.


    Nawab & Co accountants and bookkeepers can help relieve the daily stress of manually updating the account books from company managers. As part of our comprehensive accounting services, our bookkeeping professionals can perform a number of important


    Bookkeeping functions from processing invoices and bank statements to maintaining a daily ledger of transactions.

  • Limited Companiesopen

    As a firm of experienced Chartered Management Accountants, we can help you with every aspect of forming and running your own limited company. We provide tailored limited company accounting services specifically designed to make your life easier whilst you work.


    Whether this is the first time you have considered operating through your own limited company, or you have some experience in operating this way; Nawab & Co. will provide all the advice and support you need when setting up and running your limited company.

    A limited company is owned by shareholders and run by directors.  The directors are liable for the day-to-day running of the business.  A limited company must prepare annual returns which is filed at Companies House.

  • Company Formationopen

    UK Ltd company are very popular all around the globe, here are some of the reasons why:

    1. A UK limited company (Ltd UK) is trustworthy and reputable around the world. 
    2. Anybody can go through the UK company formation process; it isn’t even necessary for you to be present in the UK or even a citizen of the UK.
    3. It is a cheap and easy company registration UK process. 
    4. Ltd UK is in fact under a double taxation agreement.


    We, here at Nawab & Co. have been working within the company formation market for more than 4 years. We have had some extremely good experiences with our clients over previous years and we have dealt with all kinds of companies. Our staff are highly professional, all of which have high experience and work to high company standards.  We have had clients from 17 different countries around the world and had some great feedback that praises our services. UK company register and some of the other services we provide are of a high standard and they ensure that you the customer are happy. 

  • Business Plansopen

    The foundations of any business are built on solid financial planning.


    If your business forecasts are realistic, then you can start to construct a meaningful Financial Business Plan supported by an accurate Cash Flow Forecast.


    Then, by completing your accounts on an accurate and timely basis you can easily review where your actual performances vary form your forecasts and you can take early corrective action.


    Nawab & Co. can provide you with the tools necessary to do the job.

  • Accountancyopen

    Need an accountant? Or are you looking for some help understanding all the accountancy services available and which you need for your business.


    We offer a free no obligation quote on all our services, so you clear from the very start, what investment you will need to make to move forward with us. Here at Nawab & Co. we offer a range of accountancy services to support you and your business.